#47 - A Education Product Delivered in 2021


World 1st Cancer EMR

"Oncofix Reduces Cancer Screening Time by 58% and Empower Cancer Community by Providing Practical Knowledge and Tips".


Client Background:
Our client is a committed oncologist who is committed to saving lives while fighting cancer. Every day, a large number of patients, each with their own cancer journey and symptoms, sought his advice. It took more than two hours per patient to complete the process because of the extensive computations and thorough medical evaluations.

The Dilemma:
Dr. collaborated with Defenzelite after realising the value of time. Their goal was to revolutionise cancer treatment by making it more effective. They created a custom Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, configuring it specifically to meet the exacting requirements of cancer practice, driven by a shared vision.

Our Innovative Solution:
In addition to providing a platform for easy online consultations, the EMR system digitally organised patient records. Everything was automated by this technological wonder, even difficult computations and patient queue management. There will be no more time-consuming administrative tasks or waiting.

Implementation and Outcome:
The outcomes were substantial as the approach was easily integrated into Dr. practice. Consultation times decreased, giving Dr. more time to concentrate on his patients, who were the things that really counted. While he focused on his recovery, the system effectively managed the patient flow as an extension of his treatment.

Future Prospects:
Dr. was motivated to consider a wider influence by this success story. In order to spread the advantages of effectiveness and care throughout the oncology community, he intended to share this game-changing tool with other oncologists. The trip was just getting started.

The partnership between Dr. and Defenzelite is proof of how technology, when combined with people, can improve healthcare. It tells the tale of how one doctor's vision, fueled by cutting-edge treatments, unlocked a wave of effective care and ultimately boosted the fight against cancer.

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