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Get a taste of practicality before diving in.


Learning that aligns skills with industrial needs.

We teach students fundamentals to advance in the way industry needs. Our learning pattern follows real ongoing projects like a big boss. We have a conversation with a client. We chat, gather info, go do our thing, and then chat again to make it even better based on what we understood. It's like a friendly back-and-forth to create something awesome!

Our expertise

Engineering capacity


Professional Training

Gain knowledge from experienced business experts.


Holistic Training Approach

A holistic training approach combines theoretical and practical knowledge.


Apply Innovative Simulations

Provides hands-on practice using genuine training settings.


Job Placement Assistance

Benefit from industry connections for a Successful career launch with job placement assistance.

Our expertise

Our Programs

The following are the programs for Academy

Certified Full Stack Developer

Become a Certified Full Stack Developer and unlock your potential! Gain hands-on experience and conquer coding challenges to solve real-world problems.

Price Starts From: 15,000

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Certified Frontend Developer

Become a Certified Frontend Developer! Master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build stunning websites. Say goodbye to coding roadblocks and unleash your creativity today!

Price Starts From: 15,000

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Certified Manual Tester

Become a Certified Manual Tester and gain the skills to ensure flawless website functionality. Say goodbye to bugs and hello to seamless user experiences. Let's tackle those pesky glitches together!

Price Starts From: 15,000

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Career Opportunities in Defenzelite

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of a FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns; however, the format is a useful means of organizing information, and text consisting of questions and their answers may thus be called a FAQ regardless of whether the questions are actually frequently asked.

Q1. How can these credentials advance my career?
Your skills will increase as a result of these credentials, increasing your appeal to companies. Developers and testers with certifications are frequently preferred and can land better jobs with greater wages.
Q2. Are these certifications appropriate for those with no prior experience who are beginners?
Yes! For everyone, even beginners, our programmes are developed. We start with the fundamentals and work our way up, making sure you comprehend and do well in the subject.
Q3. What are the enrollment procedures for these certification programmes, and how can I apply?
Visit the Defenzelite Academy website, choose the programme you're interested in, and then follow the enrollment instructions. These often entail creating an account, choosing a start date, and sending the required payment.
Q4. How long do these certification programmes last?
Depending on the specific programme, the duration varies.
Q5. Is there a programme that helps certified people get jobs?
Yes, Defenzelite Academy provides help with finding employment, which may include job postings, advice on writing resumes, help with interviewing and connections with potential companies in the field.
Q6. How are exams for these certification programmes conducted?
Typically, assessments consist of a mix of tests, assignments, and practical exams. The particulars, which may change depending on the programme, will be discussed during the course.
Q7. What kind of support and resources are provided during the training?
You will have access to knowledgeable mentors, thorough study materials, practical projects, and a supportive community during the programme to help you along the way.
Q8. Are there any requirements to enrol in these certification programmes?
Depending on the programme, different requirements apply. It is essential to consult the program-specific material on the Defenzelite Academy website for specifics on prerequisites.
Q9. Are these certificate training programmes practical and hands-on?
Absolutely! In order to ensure a thorough learning experience, Defenzelite Academy offers practical training that includes real-world projects, simulations, and interactive workshops.
Q10. Are these certifications accepted throughout the world?
Yes, the credentials from Defenzelite Academy are accepted all around the world, giving you a competitive advantage in the employment market.