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AMZ-Techversity is an avant-garde in the field of enriching practicality to the abstract wisdom inherited by the engineers in the field of Engineering. We allow folks to think out of the box and expand their domain. Here, we set stage to online your experiences and offline your skills. With the essence of industrial experts, you grow and refine yourself. You can learn industry Oriented Technology online from industrial expert and can implement them with hand-on at our research Centre’s. We have unfolded ourselves when required and have taken a comprehensive approach to the latest studies. By organizing Internships and Workshops, we forge an amiable environment to upgrade your artistry and admonishing power. We extract you out of the nutshell and make you face the real world problems under the guidance of our phenomenal faculty members like, former F1 Marshall, Research Engineers, Rally Car Designers, IT expert, Automation Expert and Rally drivers who have years of experience in Industry.

Technology Used:

For Frontend Development -:

  1. Html.
  2. Css.
  3. Bootstrap.
  4. Jquery.
  5. JavaScript.

    For Backend Development -:

    1. Laravel.
    2. PHP.
    3. MySQL.