We have a highly-skilled pool of Flutter developers who believe in working with perfection and providing the best results for your business. Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK developer can use to build native-looking Flutter Android and iOS applications from the same code base. The central idea behind Flutter is the use of widgets. It’s by combining different widgets that developers can build the entire UI. Each of these widgets defines a structural element a stylistic element, a layout aspect and many others. Dart compiles into native code and there is no need to access OEM widgets as Flutter has its own. One of the most lauded features of Flutter is a hot reload which allows you to instantly view the changes made in the code on emulators, simulators, and hardware. In less than a second, the changed code is reloaded while the app is running with no need for a restart. This is great not just for building UIs or adding features but also for bug fixing. Page 2 As far as simplicity is concerned, Flutter claims in its docs that programming with Flutter is so easy that no prior programming knowledge is required: “Experience with object-oriented languages is definitely helpful, but even non-programmers have made Flutter apps!” There's only one way to find out whether this is true. Defenzelite aims at providing the best services for your business. We hire only skilled and reliable professionals who can develop user-friendly Android and iOS applications using Flutter. Flutter has its own widgets so our Flutter developers are proficient in creating a less mediated communication between the app and platform. Our Flutter developers are versed in handling the different requirements of clients and a variety of Flutter app development projects within the economical range. We have successfully completed numerous Flutter Android and iOS application projects with perfection. Customer satisfaction is our supreme goal and our proficient Flutter developers focus on making the customer ideas their priority. Our Flutter developers are well versed and experienced professionals and they have great expertise in this area. So, to make your dream business come true take our services and get maximum benefits at affordable prices.