The best cybersecurity analyst in India

In defenzelite you can hire the best cybersecurity analyst in India. Defenzelite Cyber Defense Services enables the CISO to deal with the growing cyber threats effectively using disruptive security technology to provide customers the confidence to use technology in a boundaryless digital environment. Through decade long experience in providing security services to our clients, Defenzelite understands the modern CISO’s challenges and endeavors to create solutions that transform security from an impediment to a business enabler.

Defenzelite adopts a value chain/customer-in view to transforming enterprise security program by harnessing the power of cognitive technologies and rich data residing in enterprises, extracting maximum value from the existing security investments, introducing necessary security intelligence & automation layer and teaming with our clients to jointly derive high risk assurance. In doing so, Defenzelite leverages the state-of-the-art reference frameworks such as NIST, ISO, and capabilities of agile transformation for quick results that compound over time
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