The best browser extension development company.

Extensions are central in smoothing the general use of applications while improving productivity. Defenzelite offers the best browser extension development company across all other company browsers help you to grow your potential audience and extend engagement with the users. 

All browsers Extension The development has been the core of defenzelite services offerings since 2017 and during the tenure of the last 3 years, defenzelite has delivered best browser extension solutions across small business, e-Commerce, Productivity, Marketing, Non-Profit and Entertainment verticals.

Modified best extension for each browser

Defenzelite realizes that each browser is different and every browser brings a unique set of features and a unique set of groups. Lack of good browser extension less your chance to get associated with those many users or to grow the reach of your extension.

Defenzelite takes all of this into suggestion while developing a browser extension. During the development time, we make sure to develop elements that can be reused across different browsers that too without negotiating features or performance.

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