Why is 2020 best time for transforming offline business management into  online

Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Aerospace technologies, prediction of health care are gaining importance day by day. Schools and colleges are teaching and learning online. Online courses are into boom. Alexa and Siri are assisting huge number of people all over the globe. Robots and machines are used in hospitals and medical care facilities. Let think how our businesses can bloom if we take them online and make use of technology available. 

 Though  Covid-19 is the nightmare of year 2020, how can we take this situation positively and make our business boom is a challenge. There are still many businesses that have traditional setups, and are unaware of how internet can set a growth for them. These businesses do not sell online, line any e-commerce organisation. Customers don’t just walk in and buy products for these traditional setups. There are several businesses popping up such as SEO businesses, chat box businesses, online shopping, ad management and many more. Taking a traditional businesses that include direct contact with the customers while buying and selling no matter how many resources they have got won’t be able to create influence if they are not online. 

Here are the reasons why business should be done online even if they are scared: Eliminating the doubts:

Enhance the image of company:

Let’s face the truth. Marketing company online makes it a brand. The more the people are familiar with the name of company, the more they try to know about it, The more talent it draws, the more customers it attracts and more products it sells. Marketing a company does not necessarily means you have to spend huge amount. 

Here are few things you can do:

A. Create a website for your business.(Use Goals, Vision and mission, the best of practices you follow and keep the graphics trendy and attractive) 

B.Create a blog to attract crowd to your website

C.Promote yourself on social media. (Sites such as linkedin are great, browse through the organisations such as Capgemini, TCS where the smallest of events are held with great importance. Many companies post their hobbies of employees such as sketches, photographs.)

D.Use email marketing. Give free subscriptions with materials and magazines.

E.Offer coupons or services

F.Use Google Adsense

Low cost  of setting up:

It requires no buildings, no vehicles. Just people who manage your business online. All you have to do is sell sell and sell. People are working from home in 2020 and people are also browsing things in 2020 on the phones. Why not use this opportunity? Create your own website and hire someone to manage it.  With a wordpress theme you can also create your own website. Get a domain and you are all set to go. Small business have been running smoothly. So the bottom line is wealth, health, fitness or pup grooming or cat petting your business is easy to set up online with very low cost affair. 

Keeps Milennals updated about your business:

Millennial is a person born between 1981 to 1996. These people are mostly social and have deep societal needs. Technology shaped their attitudes and behaviours.

Nowadays companies hire most of the millennial.  These people use instagram, facebook, linkedin and every other social network to keep themselves updated. They are not just selfie lovers but tend to have awareness of what is going around the globe though internet. This generation is technologically savvy . A global study conducted by  Telefonica  reveals that Millenials think mobile technology is very important to them . 46% of the US Millenials use their phones for research and education. Why not capture their attention and attract them towards your business? 

2020 is the year of technology breakthrough:

May it be Artificial intelligence or unhackable internet, 2020 is the beginning where we shall see many breakthroughs in technology. People are going to be dependent on technology (in a good way) like never before. We have already begun with zoom meetings, right?  Many organisation have taken initiatives to conduct meets online. Several ideas are coming up on how to avoid more of human contact and use technology instead. The ideas and innovations are attracting the customers of many businesses. The bottom line is we cannot ignore the technology and keep up with traditional business practices. 

2020 year has taught us many things. The year was difficult for everyone, but how to take this year optimistically and learn from the lessons it taught us is essential. Many small businesses have popped up and they are doing far well than the businesses which have all the resources. Technology is one of the factor why these businesses are flourishing. Though it’s still in it’s infancy phase we are still experimenting with drones and robots. However transforming business into online is a low cost investment causing a long term influence on our customers. (Referring to customers, here it could be potential clients, employees, staff and parties that our business concerns with) Let your business be one click one search away from people. Let your business be known to all over globe through a simple tool internet. From posting photos online on social media to emphasising your values, vision and mission on your website will gain a trust of customer and make a fame and fortune.